UNRAVELLING - Letting Go, Getting Well.

A down-to-earth manual, designed to help you get the very best out of your Human Being

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>>>>    "We all enter this life with custody of a human body, but without the benefit of an instruction manual, and we make our way as best we can. In this highly engaging book, written with wisdom, insight and humour. Phil Greenfield attempts to make good this deficiency. 

Drawing on his background in martial arts, and his experience as a practitioner and teacher of Zero Balancing bodywork and Core Alignment Therapy, he explores the nature of Unravelling – the purposeful impulse towards organization and wellness which appears to be at work in the Universe. Our choice is between aligning ourselves

with this power, or resisting it, and our choice will be reflected, quite literally, in how we embody ourselves in the world.


The book looks at Aids to Unravelling and Obstacles to Unravelling, paying attention to Body, Emotion and Mind, and including simple exercises to foster awareness and consciousness. I can personally vouch for the fact that bringing my attention to my breath, as Phil suggests, has transformed my own physiology. The section on secrets and lies, and how they alter the structure and functioning of our bodies, is particularly intriguing and illuminating.


The author’s warmth, and authentic voice, are apparent throughout, as he shares something of his own personal journey and invites us along the same path. I recommend “Unravelling” as an essential companion for bodyworkers as well as for anyone interested in health, being human and living a life of authenticity and passion. "


Anna Colmer   <<<<

Acupuncturist and Zero Balancing Teacher

Cornwall UK 




>>>>   "'Unravelling' by Philip Greenfield is a long sigh of relief, a multidimentional invitation to release ourselves from the inner controller and allow ourselves to observe, trust, and allow our natural animal tendencies.  Phil's writing is intimate, challenging, and compassionate as he guides the reader to witness and engage life with open perception and deep truth.  After reading Unravelling, I find myself  breathing more fully and speaking my truth more completely.
As a chiropractor, I have shared some of Phil's words and ideas (i.e gravity as a lifting/organizing force) with many patients and they have often been strong fulcrums for change and healing."

Dr Michelle Doucette DC   <<<<


Vermont USA  



>>>>   "A must-read for anyone who has undergone any kind of trauma, whether physical or emotional. This book certainly drives home the reason why we become so ill and debilitated by the diseases and conditions of the 21st century. 

It is a humorous and well written book, by a person who has obviously researched and put into practice all that is elaborated upon. Personally, having suffered a major trauma 2 years ago, and having become 'ability challenged' I will be taking it all on board, the many years of study and self diagnosis of what makes us all tick but not necessarily tock!


Stephanie Fletcher   <<<<

Staffordshire UK





>>>>  "'Unravelling - Letting Go-Getting Well' is a book that is ready to meet you where you are, straight

from the box, no pre-requisites required. With other books you just have to be at a certain age or level of

experience to read and to absorb. This one, however, arrives to you pre-packaged for  where you are, ready

to digest and be engaged right now.

I found, as will you, Phil Greenfield's writing style to be fun, easy to relate to, easy to read. The tips and

examples are easy to put into practice right away and I have already found my breathing easier, my

awareness more keen, my health more robust and my willingness to acknowledge, share and engage

truth, easier (starting to see a theme here?).

With highest regard, I recommend Unraveling  to those who are well and are seeking ways to maintain that

state, those on the path to wellness (guided both by self and fine professionals), and most easily to those

at the end of their rope seeking an effective place to start."


Dr Sean Lynch DC   <<<<


Missouri USA 





 >>>> "I should probably declare first of all that I know the author, having first met him as a client at his bodywork therapy practice in Derby (UK). That out of the way, let us take a look at the book. The best way I can describe it is as eclectic musings on life, death (not as morbid as it sounds) and how to deal with the stuff that gets thrown at you along the way. 

I would hazard a guess that a lot of people who buy/consider buying/will buy this book will be looking for something. Looking for that magic answer to all of their problems. Looking for a miracle cure for an illness. Those sorts of things. I would also guess that many will have a heavily burdened bookshelf of self help books which promise those magic answers and miracle cures. A lot of these books remain unread because of various reasons - they may seem like too much hard work to read through, carry out the numerous exercises listed, etc. Or they may be partly read, then abandoned when the realisation comes that the magic solution hoped for isn't within those pages. Then the search goes on for answers elsewhere.

So, is the magic answer to all our problems within this book? Of course not, for the truth is that there never is a magic answer to all problems! Accepting that truth is vital to moving on with life (and will probably save you a lot of money looking for it). However, what is contained in this book is a philosophy containing ideas, principles and a couple of exercises that I believe would be of benefit to anyone. The book is easy to read, and has a style which is like having a chat with the author. Phil covers topics that he believes to be of prime importance to the wellbeing of both body and mind. Starting off with breathing. Sounds basic doesn't it? But you'd be surprised the difference that can be made to how you feel by spending some time paying conscious attention to the breath. Phil describes in easy to understand instructions a few exercises to follow to do this and improve your breathing. 

Other topics covered include tips on posture, movement and tension, and how these can affect our bodies. Ways to manage our stress and tension, and how to relax better. There are also simple instructions on meditation, making it accessible to anyone. I think people tend to view meditation as some strange, mystical thing done by Buddhist monks sat cross legged for hours a day - something most of us don't have time to do. But here the author demystifies meditation which will help you realise that anyone can benefit.

This book also covers the mind and emotions, and how these are affected by ways of being and events that occur through life. A lot of what Phil writes about comes from his personal experiences, and he writes about some of these quite openly as examples. You will find yourself going 'ah yes, I've experienced something like that', and then probably 'I hadn't thought about it like that before'. And when you do start to 'think about it like that', you will probably find some real eye-openers and start to feel a lot better. You will be starting the process Phil calls 'Unravelling', and you will start the process of becoming as well as you can be. 

So, to summarise, and for people who can't be bothered to read the whole review - a book containing a variety of ideas and methods that will have something of benefit to almost everyone, and some of those ideas may just make a big difference to how you view life and proceed through it - and hopefully make that process a bit easier!"

Mark Walker   <<<<


Derbyshire  UK  


>>>> "With this relatively slim book, Philip Greenfield has achieved the seemingly impossible; a light-hearted, practical exploration of the most important aspects of the body-mind-spirit connection. He speaks with the authenticity of experience, engaging the attention with a deft touch which encourages movement from reading to practice. There are many easy awareness activities to try which can be practised by anyone. I've certainly found that remembering to notice my breath has already made a difference to my ability to be fully present and relaxed. 

I can thoroughly recommend 'Unravelling, Letting Go, Getting Well' to anyone with an interest in living life to the full with authenticity and passion." 

Sue Akehurst   <<<<


Worcestershire   UK