UNRAVELLING - Letting Go, Getting Well.

A down-to-earth manual, designed to help you get the very best out of your Human Being


The Author
Phil Greenfield is a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, Certified Zero Balancer and Teacher of Zero Balancing, a graduate of  the McTimoney Chiropractic School (Oxford), and author of  'Unravelling - Letting Go, Getting Well'. Having spent almost thirty years running a busy bodywork practice in the UK, Phil remains interminably curious about what it takes to be a 'tenant in good standing' of this capricious beast that we refer to as 'the body'.

"My passion for martial arts began in 1978. After two or three years of  dabbling in Aikido  I began my training in Goyararu karate. I attained the level of First Degree Black Belt, and continued training and teaching until 1991, when after some timely advice from Sifu Raymond Towers, I decided to treat my body in a more kindly way, and took up the study of the Chinese internal martial art of Ba Gua Zhang.

Earlier on in my professional life, I was becoming acutely aware of being  "on the wrong track", and after my career in industry came to a decisive end in 1990, a well-timed bang on the head led me to seek help from the local McTimoney Chiropractor. After receiving a single treatment session, the way forward was clear. I graduated from the McTimoney Chiropractic School in Oxford in December 1992, and commenced my bodywork practice in Derbyshire, UK. 

In 1994 I commenced my studies in Zero Balancing bodywork. I became a Certified Zero Balancer in 1997, and went on to train as a ZB Teacher with the founder of Zero Balancing, Dr Fritz Smith, both in England and in the US. 

In my work, I attempt to combine elements from all of my training and experience in order to help people who are experiencing pain and suffering, and to assist those who have a wish to redefine the relationship that they have with their body

I now live in Dublin, Ireland, with my partner Maria and our two dogs, Luca the miracle pup and Ellie the collie.

UNRAVELLING - Letting Go, Getting Well is a culmination of all of the questions and curiosities that I've been mulling over for the last forty years, regarding what it might take to unlock our awesome potential and become a Fully Human Being.

- Phil


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