UNRAVELLING - Letting Go, Getting Well.

A down-to-earth manual, designed to help you get the very best out of your Human Being


I'd always fancied the idea of writing a ‘self-help’ manual, but clearly recall the discouragement that I felt when I first mulled over the idea a few years back. As I scanned along my overburdened bookshelves, I noticed with a sinking heart that the market for the “secret to wellbeing wealth / health / happiness  and contentment for body mind and soul / how to find everlasting love in and peace in your-relationships / and attract all of your heart’s desires”  sort of title had pretty much been done to death.


So, not to be put off (and although this book certainly gives a nod towards such things), I decided to think a little deeper and darker. What spurred me on was my recent discovery of a much overlooked 'missing piece' to the jigsaw - the foundation block without which the attainment of such desirable things becomes highly improbable, if not impossible.


A year ago or so (and quite by chance it has to be said), I stumbled across an answer to the following unusual question:




What would be the definitive method, which would guarantee a miserable

life full of dreadful relationships, accompanied by body pain, poor  health

and unhappiness?




I couldn’t quite believe what I’d found! It’s not as if this issue was hidden out of reach within some ancient tomb somewhere that had forced me to scale hazardous snow-capped mountain ranges, endure treacherous marshes, and dive into pirhana-infested lakes to obtain - the answer was actually lying right under my nose... 

Serious matter though. Like a tiny speck of something gritty in the cogs of an otherwise well-oiled machine, and ominously silent in itself, the broadcast effect of this all too obvious but hugely underestimated malfunction spreads its tendrils far and wide and (if unattended to) has the capability to undermine the health of bodies, minds, and the lives of individuals, families, and even whole nations.


So, amongst a collection of invaluable tools to help you get the very best out of your body, mind and life, I thought that I’d include this little gem. And if you do happen to read Unravelling and share in my discovery, I hope that you’ll end up feeling as liberated as I do.